Family Facilities

Our holiday park is jam packed with activities, fun and games to keep the kids (and yourselves) happily occupied - you won’t want to leave!

Set the older kids free to play volleyball, tennis, basketball, maybe have a jump on the trampoline or swing by the games room . The little ones will delight in our jumping pillows, adventure playground and some trampolining with mum or dad.

The family can come together and play board games, maybe hire a pedal go-kart or two. Our thermally heated swimming pool is a must to experience, while relaxing at the swim up pool bar you can easily watch your family as they swim, exploring the underwater cave and having fun in the kids play area.

When not on an adventure around our park, your children can participate in FUNZONE which is a kids activity programme and operational during the school holidays and other special dates.

FUNZONE includes an exciting range of activities and events from Santa visits at Christmas, to chocolate treats at Easter, movie screenings, colouring in competitions with cool prizes and more. What’s even better is with our new pool and outdoors movie screen we can have fun in the pool and watch a movie in the water!

*Please note FUNZONE is not a club, no membership sign up is required

NEOS 360

In today's video game culture, how can we get kids off the sofa and back on the playground when we’re on holiday?  The answer is NEOS.

NEOS is the world's first electronic play system for the playground combining the speed and fun of video games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise to create the most physically challenging and exciting activity ever to hit the play space. In fact, playing NEOS delivers a workout comparable to jogging or playing football, raising heart rates by an average of 20 percent.

As players race each other and the clock, they're developing their agility, coordination, strength, and stamina. They're building teamwork and cooperation skills. And they're having too much fun to notice.

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