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Ben Lusty - son of owners Lloyd and Trish welcomes people to the new $2 million pool complex at Lake Taupo Holiday Resort.

For some people, a nice little spa area out in the garden is the ultimate treat - that won't impress Lloyd Lusty though.

Lusty's dream resulted in a $2 million poolside resort complete with poolside bar, 130 sun loungers, a grotto with fibre optic glow worm effect, wetas created by weta workshop and a giant TV screen.

To be fair, he does own Lake Taupo Holiday Resort with his wife Trish, but that is just more reason to create the ultimate backyard paradise.

A couple of years ago, the couple decided to look at installing a water park beside the pool at the complex but decided it would not be well used enough outside the peak season.

Instead they embarked on a pool lover's crusade to find the ultimate place to unwind.

The result is a thermally heated series of pools with temperatures ranging from 32-40 degrees Celsius. There is more than 1 million litres of water in the pools.

The pool will be officially opened on Friday.

Lusty said they could not have afforded to do it if not for the free thermal energy under the ground which is used to heat the town water in the pools.

The pool has been created by Italian Company Bio-Design and is the first one they have done in the Southern Hemisphere.

It has eight kilometres of wiring under the ground to run all the fibre optics, sound systems and other equipment. People can pay with "wet money" or just put it on the tab, Lusty said.

The pool is available for guests to use and locals are welcome to come along too - for the price of a basic campsite which is $16 per adult per day. 

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Lake Taupo Holiday Park Featured On
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