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Lake Taupo Holiday Resort is a destination where everyday kiwi families make memories together; a place and space for people to stay, relax, bond and enjoy together.

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Our Values

At Lake Taupo Holiday Resort, we live and breathe by a core set of principles that embody who we are and are closely aligned with what we believe as a business, and as individuals.

We care

Time together on holiday should be sacred; it is hard-earned and well deserved.
We respect this, and genuinely care that our guests have a holiday that lives up to the effort they put in to have it.

We mean what we say

We are committed to pursuing the highest level of honesty and integrity in all of our interactions, whether with guests, staff, or even our competitors.
By maintaining the highest ethical standards, we show the world who we are and build trust.

We strive for the best

We constantly endeavour to ensure that our resort is of the highest quality and showcases the value that we deliver. We want the very best.
The best staff, the best experience, the best facilities, the best on-site activities... all in the name of making memories.

We pull together

We are dedicated to fostering not only a great work environment but also great working relationships, where every team member is important and treated with trust and respect.
We value diversity and the unique strengths that each person brings to the team.

We are all accountable

We all work toward the same goals and are accountable for making sure that we reach them. We collaborate, gather input, and involve key people in important decisions.
Then we work together to make those decisions a reality... we all win or lose together.

We share our passion

We are passionate about what we do and want to help others find that same sweet spot,
where what they do overlaps what they love.

We make dreams real

We are pioneers dedicated to bringing incredible moments to everyday kiwi families.
We take inspiration from world-class holiday destinations then create unique experiences in our own backyard.


Our teams

Front Office Team

Lake Taupo Holiday Resort aims to deliver the best possible experience for every single guest. At the forefront of the guest experience is our front office team, who are crucial to the guests first and last impression of the resort.

Our receptionist – guest advocates, are customer champions committed to going above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience. Armed with a contagious smile, they manage bookings, enquiries and guest check-in and out, in a warm and friendly manner.

The Sparkling Team

The heart of a happy holiday is the holiday home – it’s where families gather, where the excitement of a new day builds, and where the stories are told at the end of each evening. For the whole holiday to sparkle, the holiday home has to shine. And that’s where you come in.

Our service team prepares the canvas for memorable holidays; ensuring our guest accommodation is immaculately cleaned, prepared, appointed and ready to make an outstanding first impression when guests arrive.

Grounds Team

The grounds team enriches and grooms the setting to ensure the resort, its facilities, and the environment are a place, and a space, where people can enjoy themselves together.  A diverse role, requiring hands-on skills and practicality. From routine maintenance of property, gardens, and equipment, to supporting in the completion of special projects such as installing new recreational facilities.

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Available Jobs

Guest Advocate
Pool and Bar Team
Sparkling Team
Grounds Team
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We always on the lookout for passionate and dedicated individuals to join our team. Whether you're skilled in hospitality, management, outdoor activities, or customer service, we'd love to hear from you!

What We Offer:

  • A vibrant, inclusive work environment
  • Opportunities to grow and develop your skills
  • The chance to be part of exciting resort and campground operations

We're Interested In:

  • Individuals with a passion for excellence in hospitality and guest services
  • Team players who are eager to contribute to our community
  • Creative thinkers with a flair for problem-solving

If you're interested in future opportunities with us, please submit your CV and a brief cover letter outlining your areas of interest and expertise.

While we may not have an immediate opening, we regularly review submissions and will contact potential candidates to explore possibilities as they arise.

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